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OMHS Foster Friend

If you would like to apply to be a foster friend, please fill out the Google Form by clicking on the purple icon below.


  1. Provide love and affection for your foster pet

  2. Provide care for your foster: socialization, basic training

  3. Provide updates to the Shelter Manager on progress weekly

  4. Attend meet and greet with potential adopters to share your knowledge of your foster friend and help in the decision making process

  5. Attend OMHS events to help with socialization of your foster friend and promote placement (if fostering dogs)

  6. Take advantage of our Foster Friend Permanent Guardian (FFPG) program. If the foster pet and you are a good match you may apply for adoption.


  1. We will work to provide the best match between the potential foster home and foster pet. 

  2. All veterinary care during the foster period will be provided by OMHS by our regular veterinarian.

  3. We will supply you with supplies as needed for the duration of your foster experience (food, litter, toys, crates, collars, leashes, preventatives)

  4. We will be available by phone or e-mail to assist with any issues that arise. 

  5. We will screen potential foster friends prior to placement in any home and reserve the right to remove a pet at any time should we/you feel that it is in the pet's best interest that we do so.

Thank you for your interest in being a foster friend!

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