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Injured Dog Found and Needs Our Help


This is Dodge the Great Pyrenees who was found injured in a farmer’s field. A Good Samaritan who has the adjoining farm called OMHS for assistance.


Dodge could not walk and probably was struck by a car on Highway 61. Lots of calls resulted in Dodge going to Veterinary Emergency Services-thank you Carrol for getting him there, where he received wonderful care.


Dodge had a pelvic and front leg fracture. OMHS provided the funds necessary to assess him and get his bloodwork/scans and needs met. We reached out to Wisconsin Great Pyrenees Rescue who were willing to take him in and provide the staff and kennel space needed for his long road to recovery. Dodge was found on Tuesday (23rd) and was ready for transfer on Friday (26th).


We are looking for donations to help offset the costs of his care. We have not found the owner (no collar or chip) and he had been running for awhile based on his condition. So any and all donations would be appreciated to get sweet Dodge literally upon his feet again.


Thank You and everyone who helped save Dodge!

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