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Hello to All Animal Lovers!


I am Jane Mueller, Ocooch Mountain Humane Society Dog Coordinator.


I want to first thank all members for your loyalty and support of all our furry friends. A big thank you for all the donations of food, treats, crates, and toys to help both cats and dogs.


Second, I am looking for help for foster care. We provide food, crates, vet care, and leashes, etc. At OMHS we always want new foster people; this prevents burnout of our current foster staff.


We need someone who can foster one or two lab/golden brothers. They need someone to care for them as they are 10 years old and came to us needing care. Their owner has Alzheimer’s and he was feeding them fish sticks. Prince and Merlyn weigh 45+ pounds; Merlyn is underweight and is being treated for a urinary infection with antibiotics; Prince has an ear infection thus has ear meds. Both dogs have been together their entire life thus we would like to keep them together. Both are sweet dogs and very friendly; they have lived with cats and get along with dogs too. They will need foster care from the 20 of November onward until the 29th of November. The current foster has to be out of town. They are scheduled to be neutered on Dec. 1, 2020. Also foster to adopt is always an option. Again, super friendly and they don’t jump. Prince is mellow and Merlyn takes his treats. Working on leash manners, Merlyn pulls but a special harness should help with that. Please call me if interested in helping out at 604-7848 Dog Line or my cell 604-9156.


Thanks so much, Jane

About OMHS​


The Ocooch Mountain Humane Society, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing shelter and care to stray, unwanted, or abandoned animals in the Richland County area of Wisconsin.


Founded on the principle of compassionate care, the organization is committed to assisting the community by helping place animals in healthy, humane surroundings while providing education and information about responsible animal care for all members of the community.



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OMHS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. You can volunteer right now with the following opportunities!
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2019 OMHS Canine Mascot of the Year
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The Adoption Center will be closed until further notice due to the COVID - 19 coronavirus pandemic. Cat adoptions will continue by appointment only. Please send an email via the website or a message via the OMHS Facebook page.

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